Information for the book by Roy Levy and Robert J. Mislevy
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Book Examples

Datasets and code for conducting the examples in the book are below. For each, it is recommended that you download the .zip file and extract the contents to the a newly created folder ‘C:\BPM’. Other locations are possible, and should not affect running WinBUGS or Netica; however putting the folders in another location will necessitate changes to the R code.

Bernoulli   (Section 2.6)

Binomial   (Section 2.6)

Normal   (Section 4.3.2)

Regression   (Section 6.6.3)

CTT for Single Observable Known Parameters   (Section 8.1.3)

CTT for Multiple Observables Known Parameters   (Section 8.2.3)

CTT for Multiple Observables Unknown Parameters   (Section 8.3.3)

CFA One Latent Variable   (Sections 9.3.3, 10.2.4, 10.2.5, 10.3.2)

CFA Two Latent Variables    (Sections 9.4.3, 10.3.2)

CFA One Latent Variable Illustrating Indeterminacy   (Section 9.9.1)

IRT for Dichotomous Observables   (Section 11.2.5)

IRT for Polytomous Observables   (Section 11.4.4)

LCA for Dichotomous Observables   (Sections 13.4.3, 13.4.4)

LCA for Dichotomous Observables Illustrating Indeterminacy   (Section 13.5.1)

BN for Mixed Number Subtraction   (Sections 14.46, 14.4.7, 14.4.8)

BN for Complex Assessment   (Section 14.5)

Dynamic BN for Game   (Section 14.6)